Founded in 2014, Ruiyuan Felt Products Co., Ltd. is a modern new-type enterprise which is engaged in the production of felts, the research and development of felt products and the sales of its own B2B brand. In 2015, Ruiyuan Felt Company launched a new series of felt maternal and child products: felt diaper storage basket, felt cosmetic bag products, positioned as maternal and child products in the Internet era.


Company Development History


  On September 19, 2014, 5 founding teams of Ruiyuan Felt created Ruiyuan felt brand in Nangong City, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China.

  On January 5, 2015, the products passed the CE testing and certification.

  On March 25, 2015, he won the "E-commerce Advanced Enterprise Award" from Xingtai City.

  On August 20, 2015, the headquarters was completed in the National High-tech Zone of Nangong City, with more than 30 team members.

  On December 10, 2015, he won the "Excellent Enterprise Progress Award" from Nangong City.

  On August 18, 2016, the products passed the BV testing certification.

  On August 26, 2016, the products passed the SGS testing and certification.

  On November 19, 2016, Xingtai Branch was established.

  On November 21st, 2017, it won the "Alibaba Dream Tour B2B Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Base".Main products

  1, felt bag: felt mobile phone bag, felt computer bag, felt cosmetic bag, felt wallet, felt backpack, felt pen bag, felt clutch bag, felt coin purse, felt bag, felt glasses bag, felt storage basket and other felt products .

  2, felt crafts: felt wine bottle bags, felt masks, felt dolls, felt coasters, felt placemats, felt wind chimes, felt pendants, felt balls, felt key chains and other felt crafts.

  3, felt holiday supplies: felt Christmas series supplies, felt resurrection series of supplies, felt Halloween series supplies and other felt holiday supplies.

Brand Story

meaning of the text:

  "Rui" represents the meaning of "good luck" in Chinese culture, and China has a good sentence of "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year".

  "Far" is taken from the far-character name of Mr. Fang Zhenyuan, the founder of the company. On behalf of the company, led by the founder Mr. Fang Zhenyuan, the company is booming.

Average age of employees is 26 years old

  The average age of 100 employees of "Ruiyuan Felt" is only 26 years old. In order to encourage young people, the company has selected a number of post-90 supervisors, and some young people with short working hours but outstanding ability quickly stepped onto leadership positions. Talking about the future, Fang Zhen Yuan hopes to build "Ruiyuan Felt" into a leading brand of e-commerce in the felt industry. "Emerging is not difficult to keep business. The expansion of the company will one day encounter bottlenecks. Only then will it rely on scientific management. In order to let the company go further."

Corporate Team

"Ruiyuan Felt" is an Internet felt brand initiated by its founder and CEO, Mr. Fang Zhenyuan, who led a group of newly graduated students. During his five years as a professional manager, Mr. Fang Zhenyuan built the Nangong City felt industry brand and built a well-known felt brand in the world in one year. His strong brand marketing concept and the background of the felt family enabled him to quickly grasp the consumer psychology. Ruiyuan felt is a brand new entrepreneurial team. The team is gradually expanding from the original five founding members to the size of 100 people. The average age is 26, which is a very vital and challenging. Young team.

Sales Model

  In the era of the Internet in the 21st century, "Ruiyuan Felt" is mainly based on the Internet, using the B2B platform to implement online sales. With this sales model, "Ruiyuan Felt" quickly created a fast sales model with felt products. The company now has 3 sales platforms for Alibaba International Station and 2 Alibaba 1688 sales platforms. In terms of social marketing, Ruiyuan insists on interacting with customers to improve customer experience.

Corporate Mission

  Create a national brand and work hard.

Development Vision

  Become a leader in the felt industry.

  Create the highest employee happiness index in Xingtai City.

Strategic Planning

1: core ideas

  Brand: Let consumers recognize Ruiyuan felt brand

  Service: Let customers get the most personalized service

  Quality: Make product quality more stable and safer

2: Corporate values:

  Customer first, employee second, company third.

  The importance of customer first, because there is no company that can survive without losing customers;

  The importance of the company's interests, and always maintain the company's interests to ensure the development momentum;

  The importance of employee benefits, the company creates employee happiness index.


  As a manufacturing company, Ruiyuan felt must constantly maintain product innovation and continuously develop new products, because innovation is the way out for manufacturing.


  The company is now in an open, fast, changing Internet era. The strength of a person is weak. The company brings together everyone's limited knowledge. It is a powerful knowledge, collaborating with each person's limited strength, bringing together one is one. Strong cohesiveness of the stock! The strength of a team is greater than the strength of one person, united and coordinated.

Share It

    One time sharing, two times of growth. Share the strengths of each person, abandon the shortcomings, learn from each other, grow up with each other, and exert the best of the team.

  Embrace the change:

  The company is in a changing Internet era, and the company is also experiencing an era of revolutionary changes in the felt industry. Companies should be used for change, innovation, embracing new things, and growing.

  Alibaba Trade and Purchase Festival Record:

  In March 2016, the company broke the Alibaba Trade and Purchase Festival monthly sales of 1 million targets.

  In September 2016, the company broke the Alibaba Trade and Purchase Festival with a monthly sales target of 1.8 million.

  In March 2017, the company broke the Alibaba Trade and Purchase Festival's monthly sales target of 1.5 million.

  In September 2017, the company broke the Alibaba trade and procurement section with a monthly sales target of 2.5 million.


  On November 21st, 2017, Ruiyuan Felt won the "Alibaba Dream Tour B2B Cross-border E-commerce Demonstration Base".

Core Competitiveness

 Ruiyuan felt has been engaged in the felt industry. In terms of online sales of the Internet, the company has developed rapidly, closely related to brand positioning and market positioning. Mr. Fang Zhenyuan, the founder of Ruiyuan Felt Co., believes that the company's online development is quickly derived from the strong resource support behind it.

User Experience

  Raw materials: The raw materials of Ruiyuan felt are selected from the global oil companies of origin.

  1. Gram weight: Ruiyuan felt is produced according to the formula ratio of felt per square meter to ensure the weight and improve the quality.

  2. Thickness: The thickness error of Ruiyuan felt is controlled at: 0.1-0.3mm.

  3, feel: Ruiyuan felt company believes that good product feel comes from high-quality raw materials.  4. Color: The color of the felt produced by Ruiyuan Felt Company has reached 40 colors.

  5, accessories: Ruiyuan felt company selects the country's high-quality and powerful accessories manufacturers, put an end to the defective products

  Quality control: Ruiyuan company is based on product quality.

  1. Felt: Ruiyuan felt production equipment adopts imported steel needles and double sets of thorns to ensure that each square meter of felt has the same weight, thickness and feel.

  2, production: Ruiyuan felt production workers, the average work experience for more than 10 years, production methods, unified requirements, to ensure quality.

  3. Inspection: Ruiyuan felt adheres to three inspections: raw material inspection, process quality control, and factory inspection.


  Any material used in Ruiyuan felt is environmentally friendly and bears environmental responsibility.


  1, opp bag packaging: Ruiyuan felt to select high-quality environmental opp bags to ensure product quality.

  2, carton packaging: Ruiyuan felt selected imported A-grade fabric carton, five layers of corrugated, to protect the safety of goods.

  3, packing belt packaging: Ruiyuan felt selection of high-quality environmental protection straps to ensure the safe transport of goods.

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