Raw materials: The raw materials of Ruiyuan felt are selected from the global oil companies of origin.

  1. Gram weight: Ruiyuan felt is produced according to the formula ratio of felt per square meter to ensure the weight and improve the quality.

  2. Thickness: The thickness error of Ruiyuan felt is controlled at: 0.1-0.3mm.

  3, feel: Ruiyuan felt company believes that good product feel comes from high-quality raw materials.  4. Color: The color of the felt produced by Ruiyuan Felt Company has reached 40 colors.

  5, accessories: Ruiyuan felt company selects the country's high-quality and powerful accessories manufacturers, put an end to the defective products

  Quality control: Ruiyuan company is based on product quality.

  1. Felt: Ruiyuan felt production equipment adopts imported steel needles and double sets of thorns to ensure that each square meter of felt has the same weight, thickness and feel.

  2, production: Ruiyuan felt production workers, the average work experience for more than 10 years, production methods, unified requirements, to ensure quality.

  3. Inspection: Ruiyuan felt adheres to three inspections: raw material inspection, process quality control, and factory inspection.


  Any material used in Ruiyuan felt is environmentally friendly and bears environmental responsibility.


  1, opp bag packaging: Ruiyuan felt to select high-quality environmental opp bags to ensure product quality.

  2, carton packaging: Ruiyuan felt selected imported A-grade fabric carton, five layers of corrugated, to protect the safety of goods.

  3, packing belt packaging: Ruiyuan felt selection of high-quality environmental protection straps to ensure the safe transport of goods.

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