Average age of employees is 26 years old

  The average age of 100 employees of "Ruiyuan Felt" is only 26 years old. In order to encourage young people, the company has selected a number of post-90 supervisors, and some young people with short working hours but outstanding ability quickly stepped onto leadership positions. Talking about the future, Fang Zhen Yuan hopes to build "Ruiyuan Felt" into a leading brand of e-commerce in the felt industry. "Emerging is not difficult to keep business. The expansion of the company will one day encounter bottlenecks. Only then will it rely on scientific management. In order to let the company go further."

Corporate Team

"Ruiyuan Felt" is an Internet felt brand initiated by its founder and CEO, Mr. Fang Zhenyuan, who led a group of newly graduated students. During his five years as a professional manager, Mr. Fang Zhenyuan built the Nangong City felt industry brand and built a well-known felt brand in the world in one year. His strong brand marketing concept and the background of the felt family enabled him to quickly grasp the consumer psychology. Ruiyuan felt is a brand new entrepreneurial team. The team is gradually expanding from the original five founding members to the size of 100 people. The average age is 26, which is a very vital and challenging. Young team.

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