5 10 20 25 30 100 Gallon Felt Grow Bags brings a new planting experience

Fabric grow bags is made of fiber non-woven fabric, the fabric production formula is reasonable, the cost is low, the benefit is high, anti-aging, breathable and permeable, good tensile strength, strong and durable, it can cultivate various seedling products, reduce the production cost, shorten the production cycle, save Water source, moisturizing and fertilizer protection, ensuring the survival rate of seedlings, making the tree grow green and not affected by seasonality. The non-woven fabric grow bags is made of strong polypropylene material, with high strength, which can effectively prevent the roots of plants The outward growth and surrounding ensure the good growth of the roots. At the same time, the transplanted roots of seedlings are intact throughout the year, ensuring a high survival rate.

Nowadays, the reasons why non-woven fabric grow bags are welcomed and trusted in the market are mainly as follows:
1. Simple operation: Compared with the previous traditional cultivation methods, it is easier to cultivate seedlings with non-woven fabric grow bags. It does not require too much time to learn to start cultivation. It greatly saves the time required to learn before and can Cultivating more seedlings reduces the initial cost.
2. Specification safety: Compared with the previous nursery bags, the specifications of the non-woven nursery bags are more complete, because the cultivation of different seedlings requires different nursery bags. The previous nursery bags could not meet these requirements one by one, and the non-woven fabric grow bags improved these disadvantages.
3. Low cost: The price of non-woven fabric grow bags is generally low. For green plants, plastic pots are used for large-scale planting. The price of containers such as ceramic pots is high, which reduces the cultivation cost. The use of non-woven planting bags and later transplantation and maintenance are also easy to handle, and ordinary people can use ordinary methods to complete. If you use plastic pots, the transplantation technology will be relatively high, and you need to hire professional growers, which will increase the cost.
4. Environmental protection: Non-woven fabric planting bags are environmentally friendly, and will not be transplanted during the period. The non-woven fabric bags will rot naturally, will not harm the environment, are non-toxic, non-irritating, not moldy, do not contain other chemical ingredients, and have stable performance.
5. Convenient transplantation: Plants often need to be transplanted, and the success rate of transplantation using non-woven planting bags will be relatively high, making the plant transplantation as intact as possible, without too much pruning of plants, so that the survival rate and quality are greatly improved Promote.

Q: What material is your fabric grow bags made of? Will it be bad after long time use?
Answer: Our fabric grow bags is made of non-woven fabric, which is generally used outdoors for 3-5 years.
Q: How is it fixed on the wall?
Answer: There are fixing eyes around the fabric grow bags. You can fix it with a nail and rope hook when you buy it back, which is very convenient!
Q: Will there be water leakage? What if the walls are afraid of moisture?
Answer: Generally it is planted outdoors, the wall is not afraid of moisture, the non-woven plant bag itself has a certain water absorption function, small-scale planting does not need to be waterproof, large-scale planting or indoor planting If you are afraid of wet walls, contact us for customization solve.

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